NTC concludes BorgWarner Agreement


NTC Exits 12 year BorgWarner Relationship

On March 1st 2010,  NTC exited a 12 year relationship with BorgWarner that consisted of 7 years of design and development of the DualTronic technology for Borg Warner, the most famous of which are the Clutch and Control Module designs that were provided to Borg Warner and Volkswagen for the DQ250 transmission by NTC Powertrain’s founding company, Nautitech. The relationship started in 1998 and continued until 2005 after which a further 5 years of confidentiality existed between NTC and Borg Warner. The 7 year relationship was an exclusive, confidential, retained relationship where NTC was only permitted to develop DCT technology for BorgWarner for subsequent introduction into production.

NTC are proud to have served Borg Warner well during this long term association and the two parties exit the relationship on a very positive note with some engineering consulting continuing between the parties. NTC won several internationally recognized engineering awards for the their DualTronic designs for BorgWarner customers. 

As an independent technology provider, NTC offers its expertise, experience and know-how, gained from over 12 successful DCT projects, to Transmission manufacturers and OEM’s worldwide. NTC has since established manufacturing relationships that now enable NTC to offer their own technologies from concpet design through to high-volume production. Whether clients require a complete transmission design from clean sheet concept or subassemblies such as DCT clutch design or valve body, or alternatively DCT, AT or AMT transmission control software, NTC is positioned to complete the design and provide prototypes, integrate prototypes into vehicles, test and calibrate and manage the project from demonstrator phase to start of high volume production.


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